With Elyon’s release approaching we would like to take some time and welcome all of you to join us and fight against the Vulpin faction in this epic journey we have ahead. Nordic Legends is now recruiting more epic players

Battlefield 2042 Clan

Hey Battlefield fans, are you excited about the new Battlefield 2042? Would you like to play it with a great clan? With this great news i take my time to present you our clan leader with the first officer for

New World Is Finally Here

New World is finally coming out. The companys are getting ready to join the server they will be playing on. Nordic Legends will be playing on SAENA server. We hope to see you there! We’re ready. What about you ?

Elyon Delayed & F2P

Elyon an upcoming MMORPG from Kakao Games  has been delayed until October 20. The developer has also decided to switch to a free-to-play monetization model to help its game hold a “competitive place” in the overcrowded genre. If you’ve pre-purchased

Lost Ark Delayed

Korean MMORPG Lost Ark won’t be launching stateside later this year, as announced during E3 2021. Smilegate and Amazon Games are pushing the release into early 2022 to allow ample time to address gameplay and performance feedback from the technical alpha held

CTB2 Came And Went

Closed beta test came and went, and boy we were happy to played. Most of all, our members warmed my heart. While the closed beta ran for a few days, there was so much excitement for the game on our

Elyon CBT2 Server

Greetings everyone. Nordic Legends is going for Lenoir server if you are playing the cbt2 and are in the same server join us.! Realm After the fall of the kingdom, the remainder of the forces were divided into two realms.

New World Beta

The statement that New World feels like an MMO might seem a bit defunct, but there’s a lot behind it. During this Closed Beta period, the gameplay of New World has been addictive and social, simple where it needs to

Time For Some News

Elyon pre-orders start on July 26 🔑 CBT2 sign-ups also start on July 26 ☀️ CBT2 will happen in mid-August 🍃 Full release scheduled for early fall 2021. Good news! Pre-orders will include guaranteed access to CBT2. Pre-orders start at

Sword Of Legends Event

Nordic Legends got together 2 days after the epic releases of Sword Of Legends. The first guild event on Cloudrise to take some guild pictures and run some guild event quest. Thank you to our members that participated in the