Myth of Empires’ first season will end on June 20 at 16:00 UTC, and season servers will be shut down 24 hours later on June 21 at 16:00 UTC. 

Season Two will begin shortly after the end of Season One. Season Two will feature gameplay adjustments that we made based on the feedback and suggestions we received from players during the first season. Of special note are the proficiency issues that players expressed their concern about, as well as the balance issues between offensive and defensive factions.

At the same time, we will also be adding beast mounts and dungeon challenges during Season Two. These changes will be made on both official, normal servers as well as the Season Servers.

3. Proficiency level progress adjustments

For the first seven days of Season Two, level and proficiency caps will be 35 and 525, respectively.

From days 8 through 15, level and proficiency caps will be 45 and 675, respectively.

From day 16 onward, level and proficiency caps will be 60 and 900, respectively.  Nordic Legends will join the fight!! Are you playing and looking for a clan we are here for you.

You can read the entire S2 update  here: