Twitch is a great way to meet people who have similar interests as you, whether that interest is a certain game or a hobby of some kind. With so many games and hobbies being streamed on Twitch you are bound to find a few new friends on Twitch.
About Vigorous Q

Hello I’m VigorousQ, We focus mainly on community games like MMOs ( PvP & PvE ) and fps games for the most part but we do jump into single player games from time to time. Just here hoping to bring people together and join our community and have fun.

About swedishgamer83

Im a 38 yr old gamer, i love gaming and my goal here is just to have fun and stream when im playing diff games 🙂

About ponta84

Really enjoys playing multiplayer with friends. And Im a variety streamer so really enjoy shifting games so you gonna see some different games.

About Isilleremyr

A casual player working a fulltime job enjoying the perks of becoming a twitch streamer. Main game that will be played on this channel is Black Desert Online.

About LaoziEU

A casual gamer who likes mmorpg and likes to play Wuxia themed games. 9DragonsSword of Legends online.Always in for a chat about the game or even about cooking.Dont be shy!

About serenityswe

Hey and welcome to the wacky place, iam here to have fun , and learn more about interaction trough gaming and how its working thanks for stopping by, hope to see you in stream.

About mystic_sera

Hey, UK based, Streaming Elyon

About roubarb

🙎‍♂️: Husband & father of 3 beautiful kids – 🎸: Guitarist / Bassist – 📸: Photographer / Photoshop – 🎮: PC / Ps4 / Ps5