Welcome gamer to our community

Gaming Life has been around for 6+ years with over 600 members joined together playing many different games. You will find NO drama, NO bad attitudes and NO toxic players with us. Our community also stands against hacking, glitching and item duping.

We are both NA and EU, with ages 20 to 65 but welcome all players 18+. We are relaxed, chilled, positive, laid back, helpful, fun and problem free with all members having equal say. Monthly community meetings so everyone can get together, share news, staff letting members know whats going on and members asking questions. So if you are looking for a new home and an awesome bunch of people to hang out with then stop by and check us out.

We are a gaming community, think of us as a huge group of friends, all staying together over the years as games come and go. Adding new games all the time, this way once you make those friends you like playing with you can continue to play with them as your favorite games change. Please DM us in our Discord with any questions and we would be more then happy having you join up with us anytime!

Admin Team

Who are we, our success depends on the strength of our team. Here are just a few of our remarkable backend admins who help maintain the Nordic Legends / Gaming Life Community. If you have any questions, criticism or just want to get in touch with us, you are welcome to contact us via Discord.

Nordic Legends is the guild name we use in the community for different mmorpg games we play today. Nordic Legends was founded in 2018 by the GamingLife community on twitch as a Swedish Bless Online guild. Today, the well-established multinational gaming guild / community is involved in a wide range of games that strive to build a gaming environment that includes honesty, loyalty and camaraderie above all else. In 1 year we have established a big name, now known as Nordic Legends we strive to give our members quality and transparency and look forward to making sure everyone has a voice in our community.

To ensure our community remains an enjoyable, constructive and safe place to spend your time, don’t forget to check out the community guidelines as well.