Community & Discord Guidelines:

1. Be kind and respectful of each other

Everyone in the community should feel welcome and included no matter what their background is or their level of knowledge or experience, new and regular forum contributors alike (including staff).

  • Be pleasant and constructive and avoid using offensive language
  • Avoid publicly naming and shaming others for whatever negative reason to stay respectful (if you spot something that goes against the guidelines, you can report the post to the Community Team instead).
  • Remember to say thank you if someone helps you out – this is a nice way to show your appreciation and encouragement.
  • Avoid posting in ALL CAPS as this can sometimes be understood as shouting.

2. Stay safe – don’t post personal information
Please don’t post your personal information such as phone numbers or email addresses for everyone to see. If you spot anyone having done that, please let the Community Team know by sending private PM on discord.

3. Don’t post spam, advertising, proprietary or any other type of unlawful content

4. Write clearly and stay on topic
To help others to easily engage with you in a discussion, try to write clear posts that relate to the topic.

5. About usernames
You’re more than welcome to register with any username you wish to use here on the community (why not use your gamer tag?) 😊

The Community Team is here to help ensure our Discord is a positive and welcoming place for all members. If you spot anything that goes against the above guidelines, please report it to us by by sending private PM on Discord.

Breach of Guidelines
If these guidelines are not followed, it may result in the Community Team having to edit or remove content. In serious cases a breach of these guidelines may warrant a member’s permanent suspension from the Community. We’d rather not do that so please do play nice and keep to the guidelines. Our Community Managers will attempt to discuss and resolve any issues together with the member in most cases before a suspension is considered.