Gaming Life community server with 40 slot ready for PVP is up now. If you are playing the new expasion The Age Of Sorcery for “Conan Exile” Join the action in our community server.

Server Information & Rules

Server Name: [EU] PVP 3.0 – 2x Harvest/xp GamingLife 18+ Community Server


General Rules

  • Political and Ethnic discrimination, as well as personal insults, will not be tolerated.
  • No Cheating/Bugabusing of any kind.
  • This is a PVP server, if you get killed you have to accept that, insults etc. will not be tolerated. Treat other players fairly, a chilled playstile is what we aim for.
  • Max. 30 Thralls/Pets allowed per clan! everything that exceeds this limit will be automatically cleaned up by the server.
  • It is not allowed to pull bosses or NPC’s in to bases of other players to kill their thralls.
  • Do not spam the global-chat. please use something like Discord.

Base Building Rules

  • Only one base allowed per clan/group or solo player.
  • One outpost per clan 15×15 for each biome in the game.
  • Blocking story-points or boss-spawns is not allowed.
  • No Blocking of content in the game, such as caves, dungeons, obelisks, resources and other areas of the game such as lore notes, ghosts, and Mod’s Lore areas.
  • Foundation spamming is not allowed.
  • Everything not compliant to above list may be deleted by admins.
  • Bases of players that only log on once in a while to reset the decay timer without really playing will get removed.

PVP Rules

PVP rules must be followed, there are no exceptional circumstances. In case of violation of the rules, a penalty is applied at the discretion of the admin.

  • Looting dead players is allowed. Try to stay fair and take only what you really need.
  • Any kind of griefing is not allowed. If you’re raiding someone you take what you need and then leave. And if you kill someone out in the wild you do the same: you take what you need and then leave. Any kind of corpse-camping is now allowed.
  • Clan Max Size 6
  • PvP between different Level is allowed.
  • PvP with unequal numbers of Players or Clans is allowed.
  • Be allowed to repair while being raided. NO
  • PvP while riding a horse is only allowed if the other player is also riding a horse. Attacking a player while you are on a horse is only allowed if the player on foot attacks you first.

for a report you have to provide video evidence otherwise we can’t react to it.

Raid Rules

Raid rules must be followed, there are no exceptional circumstances. In case of violation of the rules, a penalty is applied at the discretion of the admin.

PVP Siege Time Restrict

Mon – 20:00 to 22:00  Wed – 20:00 to 22:00  Sat – 20:00 to 22:00

This time can be change in the future.

  • Only 1 clan are allowed to raid one base at the same time, PvP is always allowed from other clan. (example if you clan see that other clan are raiding you can jump in and kill them and continue the raid)
  • While raiding, it’s forbidden to destroy bed and the whole base.
  • Destroying the event house is forbidden.
  • It’s forbidden to raid outside of raid times.
  • Raid protected bases cannot be raided. It’s not allowed to kill thralls/pets at or inside the base from a clan with raid protection. (example to climb into the base and kill thralls is forbidden.) More of this in the event information.


Exiles can always take advantage of raid protection by been in the pvp tournament every sunday 20:00 cest. Raid protected clans cannot raid other clans. Raid protected clans should focus on building their bases; harassing other players or focusing on PVP is not welcomed.

This tournament is 1vs1 so you need to decide who will be in the fight for each clan.


  • Sunday 18:00 cest you need to send pm in discord to VigorousQ with the following information.
  • Clan Name:
  • Exile Name:
  • To be able to participe you need to be on discord on that day “sunday” (


VigorousQ will decide what type of armor and weapon you will fight with for that day.

  • Raid-protected clans must stay online during raid times to call an administrator if they get attacked.


  • PurgeLevel : 3
  • PurgeDuration : 20
  • MinPurgeOnlinePlayers: 1
  • PurgeDelay: 3
  • PurgePreparationTime: 10


By playing on this server you accept that you have read, understood and accept this rules!

These rules can change at any time without warnings.

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We welcome you to the arena

First event start Sep 11