The Heart of Madness Update have finally moved from the PTR and is released into the main New World game. You can find the full release notes here, including new open world experiences, balance changes, game mode adjustments, and more changes as a direct result of the PTR tests and player feedback.

To celebrate the new update, we sit down and talk to Vorianah the guild leader of Nordic Legend.

How about a brief introduction about who you are and what you do?

  • Hello There 🙂
    I’m Vorianah, nick i use in every game i play, almost 50, and yep, don’t blame me, i’m French. I work in IT, not technical but on sales side. It has been now a bit more than 2 years since i start playing New World, just before COVID. I started playing a long time ago (it was in the 20th century …) and made a long break between Warcraft 3 (see !) and Call of Duty on PS3 then PS4.

What were the factors that motivated you to become a guild leader?

  • Well, i have not thought about it when i started playing New World. At all. I was more a solo player. Then one day, a guy with an italian accent started to speak to me and proposed to join his guild, Nordic Legend. It was Vigorous Q, we talked, we laughed and guess what, i fell in love with the guild and its people. I’m always happy to help everyone about any aspects of the game, share experience, and day after day, i earned trust and started to manage some stuff. Finally, i think some appreciate my ‘diplomatic’ side to temper some situations. Life in a guild is not always a quiet river 🙂

What is your New world experience, and what faction are you playing?

  • I’ve been playing NW for a bit more than 2 years, lucky i was to receive a key for alpha 2 early 2020. I’ve been a Marauder from day 1, green faction, and will probably always be. I could test all kinds of builts, i stopped counting but i have like 7 to 8k hours ingame. Surprisingly, i started as a healer when game was released. It was my least played built as i was more offensive in the alphas.

How is Marauders doing in New World, and have you reached any goals that are noteworthy?

  • It could have been worse to be honest. Marauders have been for a long time the underdogs. After 6 months now, it seems that Marauder is a very good contestant, on our server, Syndicate (purple faction) is now the underdogs, and Covenant (yellow faction) dominates but we itch their back !Nordic Legend is known on the server, for its PVP runs.
    One thing we are proud about : there’s one content named ‘INVASION’ in the game. 8 waves of corrupted NPCs trying to defeat your army and take your fort. This content was a tough one some months ago. But we made it and we were one of the first to win invasions in a row. It’s just not the win that we are proud about, it’s HOW we win, as a guild where everyone knows his role and how important every role is.

What goals does your guild have? What are the members looking to achieve together?

  • New contents have been added and we all work to level up our guildies to get the best gear. There is now a huge different between standard gear and one fully leveled up. Next big milestone for us would be to own a settlement. We focus to have a group playing well together, rather than a sum of individuals.

Do you have anything to say to new players diving into New World?

  • My first advice would be to find friends you like to play with. Then see this game in the long term. It’s full of promises. Take your time to explore everything, don’t rush or it’ll ruin your experience.

Running and playing New world as a Guild, how did you as a Guildmaster and the Guild evolve and grow?

  • NW has lost a lot of players, we have not been spared. At release, we were like 200. Now we’re 60, with 50% of new players. That’s the good news. We are in growth. People speak about us on the server, we promote the guild through PVP runs and we defend our chances fiercely even in unbalanced fights. What helps is we have a strong core group of experienced players. Management of the guild is stable and we’re on a very positive wave.

What is the best weapon combination in your opinion?

  • I could spend hours on this one. Unfortunately (according to me), one of the most efficient weapon in wars and grouped fights is ice gauntlet, combined to great axe and hammer. Some were complaining about musket power. Too OP for certain contents. Once you put a foot in an ice storm, you’re on the way to die.It’s a bit more balanced in 1v1 where lots of combination are efficient. My favourite combination would be rapier + hatchet (or spear), because i find bleeding effects amazing (people don’t pay that much attention to it).
    One of the very good side of the game is you can play whatever you want. One day healer, next day DPS melee, the other day DPS range, fire mage, tank ….

Are you recruiting new players and what do you require to join?

  • Sure 🙂 we always welcome new people. And important, not only level 60 (max level). We help people to develop. We seek to have people sharing our values, having good time together on discord and in the game. And trust me, we have epic moments 😀 We require to join discord for daily events (at least) and be respectful to others 🙂

How is New World today if you think how it was on released?

  • New World is a promise. Lots of people deserted it in the first 3 months because they rushed and were turning in circle expecting more high level contents. Developpers tend to listen to what players say and implement new contents. It will alwalys be not fast enough for some but hey, this is one of the most aesthetic game we have currently. We have a clear roadmap, not based on short term. I only expect new players will come.For instance a new dungeon has been released 31st of march, everyone thinks it’s amazing, they did a great job. Game is moving in a good direction, just need to be a bit patient. We have new stuff almost every month.

Are you still a Marauders 1 year from now?

  • First rule : i’m Marauder
    Second rule : chek 1st rule
    Marauder one day, Marauder every day 😉

Are you playing New World what do you think about the new update? If you have more question to ask to Vorianah just leave a comment.