Elyon an upcoming MMORPG from Kakao Games  has been delayed until October 20. The developer has also decided to switch to a free-to-play monetization model to help its game hold a “competitive place” in the overcrowded genre.

If you’ve pre-purchased Elyon, you can either opt for a refund or let Kakao Games roll your purchase over as in-game Rubies. Anyone who pre-ordered the base game, for example, will now receive 2,000 Rubies to use in the cash shop. Despite the massive monetization change, Kakao Games said it intends to keep the cash shop as-is, with the hopes it’ll create a healthy community for the game.


As for Nordic Legends, we have decided that we will not refund the game and will continue to represent Nordic Legends in Elyon. You are most welcome to stay and play with us, we will continue recruiting members and as of now we are starting to look for more officer that are willing to assist. Thank you all for applying to Nordic Legends!

Feel free to comment below how you feel about this. Will you still be playing?